Investment starts at $2000


Investment starts at $250

The Experience 

Thorough by nature, we make sure no stone is left unturned in preparation for our time together so you can be comfortable, brave and free! I want to know you and your heart so that our desire for beautiful memories is mutual when we begin to create art together. You can expect a big smile, a bear hug, encouragement along the way, maybe a happy tear or two (or ten), a good time, and gorgeous images that are bright and romantic, with touches of artistry, romance, and intimacy. After our time together is over, you will have gorgeous memories that you get to relive over and over again each time you pass the frame hanging on your wall, give an image as a gift, or sit with loved ones on the couch with an heirloom album in your laps. 

Because you are a gift worthy of being treasured forever.