Baby Levi | Newborn Lifestyle

I can't express how sweet and peaceful my time with the Pinnock's was at their session! Not only was it an exciting time for them since they welcomed a new babe into their tribe, I had the pleasure of photographing them again! They were the first folks to entrust me with their memories when I first started this little business of mine. I felt so honored.

Oliver, Lauren, Stetson, and Levi were the cutest, sweetest little family. As babies don't seem to follow any clock of ours that we set down, when it was time for Levi to eat, Stetson gave me the royal tour of his room, which consisted of the coolest bunk bed and a fun bouncing spring horse! It was so sweet getting to see how big he's growing, since it has been a year and a half since their shoot! 

Baby Levi's room was in the cutest Brave Adventurer theme, with hints of geometric style. Very neutral with statement pieces that make for easy adjustment or any changes as he grows older. My favorite piece was the bear and arrow silhouettes made out of tri-color shiplap! The whole palette was the perfect backdrop for a family and relationship centered shoot. Right up my alley. ;) It was a joy to spend time with you, Pinnock's!