Kaylee | Motherhood


Maternity has to be a secret favorite of mine. Much like weddings, there is a certain ethos about submitting your body, soul and heart to another person. It is beyond anything I’ve ever seen or known! Women are such powerful beings!

When I stopped accepting family and maternity portraits last year to focus on weddings and seniors, I knew I didn’t want to completely stop the offering so I added it to the KTP Family Loyalty + Rewards system. In short, maternity, family, and newborn sessions are not available to new clients, but once you book a senior session, engagement session or wedding with me, all I have to offer is available for you! So if you get married this year, and begin your family next year (or whenever you choose), you can book a maternity and newborn session with me! Unfortunately, if you come to me as a first time client, and enquire about a maternity session, it is not available at that time to you. Oh, the joys of being part of the KTP Family!

Kaylee was one of my very first clients when I started KTP a few years ago and her senior session was one I was so proud of! Now she’s a mama! When we got everything set and arranged, my heart sang! Giving yourself to growing another human is the perfect reason for getting dressed up, feeling beautiful and strutting your BOSS self! My #1 question to anyone who steps in front of my camera is…..”Do you feel beautiful?”

The answer is always yes. :)


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