3 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions Are The Bob-omb

Hey, yall! I’ve been on the knowledge sharing train for a while now so thank you so much for bearing with me! In my journal lately, I’ve been sharing important tips and tricks for brides while they plan their wedding. The whole planning process can be overwhelming at times but I hope some of my knowledge will come in handy for someone! And heck, for many people, it comes around only one time in their life so might as well give it your all and have fun!

Today’s entry is all about ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS! I recently wrote about bridal sessions, and why you should choose one. But today we’re going to focus on 3 simple reasons you should (or would) choose and engagement session because when you book a 2019 Wedding Collection with me, you get a free session- your choice of a bridal or engagement shoot! holla! But let’s say you can’t decide…..

  1. Both of you get to meet your photographer before the big day! I always advocate for a shoot before a wedding day because not only do I require a meetup or face-to-face chat before a wedding day, it is vitally important to how you both perceive me and how I work. We would meet one to two seasons before your wedding day, and have the best time crafting some casual, hand crafted lovebird images to celebrate your engagement! (*Secret Tip* Usually men are less than excited to have an engagement session, but I have a long-standing record of winning the guys over to my side before the day is over!) ;P

  2. It’s free fun amongst a season of purchases and planning. Chances are, you’ll spend a wheelbarrow of money making your wedding day gorgeous. When we think wedding planning, it’s usually laced with dollar signs and a lot a choices. This session will be a bright light among the season of planning because you are the star, the focus, and the special event of the session! The primping, dressing up, snuggling with your love and seeing some gorgeous images of you enjoying your time together? That sounds like so much fun to me! Let’s do it!

  3. You’ll have images for your save the dates! Simple as that. Beautiful portraits for every use imaginable as well as the practical ones such as social media, thank you notes, and save the dates! Easy cheezy pumpkin squeezy. ;P

So, what do you think? Ready to schedule an engagement session?!