Tips For A Great Photoshoot With Your Client(s)


  Happy Monday! About a week and a half ago, I posted a unique post for models and people who are on the open end of the camera (aka, the photographed!).

Today, I give you the yang to the yin of that post, the butter to your corn-on-the-cob, the ham hock to your great white northern beans. (Fun Fact: I've got beans and ham on the brains since we ate ham yesterday for lunch and I'll be using the bone for a crock of beans this week....inspired by true life, folks. Actually, I think I've eaten all those things in the past week or so....Welcome to the South, y'all!)

We learned that a great photoshoot and spot-on results is teamwork for the photog and model. Each person plays an important part in the photoshoot and an encouraging word goes a long way. Last time, I spoke about tips for the model on setting the stage for a great photoshoot. If you're a photog, this one's for you!

  1. Be encouraging. This one isn't that hard if you prepare beforehand. It can include breaking the ice by reassuring your client/model that the first 15 minutes are a bit awkward and after that, you both will start to feel the flow. During the shoot, reassuring words such as "awesome", "beautiful", "I love it!", "Wow, you're doing a great job!" add a personal touch since most likely, your face is hidden by a big piece of technology. It helps to connect with your client instead of remaining detached and elusive.

  2. Show them your images on camera. This one is a key element to a successful posing critique. Sometimes, models don't quite get your verbal cues or maybe the pose is almost what you want, but misses the mark. Showing images to your model and using them to both encourage and critique acts as a great connection tool! If you show them the image, it creates the the bond that says, "We're working together to create something awesome!"

  3. Smile!!!! This is the most important tool of all. It's so good actually, that it does #1's job too! How much more fun and enjoyable is something when you're doing it with someone who loves it. Whether it be playing a game, cooking a meal, helping out a friend, or even photographing a model/client, showing that you're having a good time is the key to getting rid of all those butterflies and nerves! So be happy, energetic, and smile!!!


Was this helpful? Do you agree or disagree? Have any other tips to add? Leave a comment below and tell me!