Motivation Monday: Two Types Of Tasks


Happy Monday! Today I shared a little video on my Facebook page about motivation. I was inspired to share some things I've learned about motivation after getting my ducks in a row for the week this morning.  So, I spent the first hour of the day doing what I do every Monday, which is planning for the week. I make a list of things that need to be done for the week and then sort them however I feel works for the week. Sometimes I sort by priority, or I sort by day. No matter the order you choose to complete your tasks, there will always be 2 types of tasks. The ones you find boring and uneventful, and the ones that drive you and get you excited about your job. 

If you're a small business owner, you probably wear many or all of the hats in your business. You feel me with these boo tasks and the yippee! tasks. 

To be more specific, I've given these types of tasks a name. 

The first type of task is your stay afloat task. These are routine, possibly everyday things that you do to keep your business afloat. They can include emails, accounting, web developing, or legal matters. You know them by the droopy feeling you get in your face when you see them on your checklist. They suck your motivation right out and maybe even stronghold you into waiting until tomorrow! Oh no! ;) 

Then, there are the things that get you pumped and feed your creative mind. You get excited and energized just thinking about it! These are your propel tasks. They are the projects, responsibilities, or items that help your business grow and make you feel like you're going somewhere. If you're a creative business owner, more likely than not, your propel tasks are going to be your namesake root tasks that you actually started your business to do. 

Here are some examples below of stay afloat tasks vs. propel tasks in different business types: 

Business Type: Custom Stationery 

  • Stay Afloat: Posting items on storefront/Etsy w/ product descriptions.

  • Propel: Collaborating with a fellow creative to expand your line into office decor.

Business Type: Woodwork/Organic Decor

  • Stay Afloat: Monitoring supplies quality, status, and delivery.

  • Propel: Designing and customizing a piece.

Business Type: Brand Coffee Mugs

  • Stay Afloat: Order fulfillment. 'Nuff said. :D

  • Propel: Designing and launching your Fall Line.

See the difference? Sometimes you just have to get it done. Other times you wake up early and just about miss your coffee you're so excited to get started! Ayeee!!! 

So now we know what's up in a cup. So what do we do with it? Well, that's up to you. But I have a few suggestions that have helped me! 

  1. Decide which tasks you are more likely to do and do well at certain times of the day. (I stay afloat first thing in the morning and propel in the afternoons!)

  2. Lean toward automation or develop a system for completion of stay afloat tasks. For me, I have a two step funnel system for wedding/photoshoot inquiries. Now I can breeze through most of my emails in no time because I have specific checkpoints to follow. For blog posts, I can batch write them and schedule them so they take no time out of multiple days ahead. And BOOM. Posts for the week done.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below! I'd love to connect with you. Have an awesome week!