summer romance11.jpg

summer romance11.jpg

There had been much heaviness on my heart last month. Our vacation to the mountains was much needed and fully taken advantage of. While I was there, I had the best time photographing digital and film, and exploring the mountains.

But while I was there, I did a lot of praying. Much of my prayers involved running a business God's way. In a world of self-promotion, how do I glorify the Lord? It always feels so strange to me to post things online or share them on Facebook because as with every business type out there, there is a subtle undertone of sales or marketing. We are told that every post should be a subconscious hire me! 

There is always a season of barren business when you start out. You build credibility, sustainability, and honestly, you're just trying to get by. The first year of my business has been hard. A new city, new community full of atypical potential clients, and my soggy land-legs that are trying to stand tall amidst an endless sea of photogs that are turning clients away because they are booked through the next year. And my inbox? Empty. 

Somehow, though, my bank account is not empty. For almost four months now, I've been able to meet my personal financial goal and make a living with my husband. It is to be the same for the next few months.  It's not all that-in-a-bag-of-chips, trust me. But the Lord has remained faithful and provided.

So I work hard and ponder what the Lord has in store for me. Sure, I love couples. Especially engagements and portrait sessions. That's what I know I am to do. No doubt in that. Where do I turn? What do I do?

How do I blind myself to the industry and open my soul to Jesus?

This is my prayer.