Inspiration: What I Read

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you are having a great, productive, or relaxing week thus far! A while back, I wrote a short post on what I listen to when I am wanting to be inspired or feeling inspired.  Sometimes your brain just needs a boost! I want to continue this series today and share a list of some of my favorite material/books to read. These items are more responsible for grounding me and reminding me of who I am.


  1. Yo, THE BIBLE.

  2. Little House Series

  3. Anne Of Green Gables

  4. anything by Jane Austen

  5. Stories of the underdog prevailing in victory. lol

  6. Atlases

  7. Cookbooks (I know! This one is funny! Recipes are a connection to the past since it is the fulfillment of one of our most basic needs. The need for food. So I just feel like I'm stepping into another time based on the types of materials that were available or the food trends of the time.)

Short and sweet on Wednesday for ya. What types of things do you read to be inspired?