2018 Senior Breakout Sessions Are Here!



You pay $0. Yes. You heard me....

It's that time, my friends! Senior year is here! And if anything, it means having so much fun making memories that it flies by in the blink of an eye. I want to be a part of your highlight year in high school by creating the senior portrait experience you dream about. You know, the hair, the makeup, locations nobody else has been to, and the chance to work what your mama gave ya!


So to celebrate the beginning of a new season, I am excited to announce KTP 2018 Senior Breakout Sessions! These sessions are crafted to give you a taste of the Senior Fever you've seen overcome so many before you! You will be warmly welcomed to your consultation, made comfortable with your choice of beverage, and after hearing all about what I have planned for a Senior like you, you get to tell me what your dream session looks like, and how it connects to your post-high school dreams. And then finally, the FUN PART! You get to participate in a fun mini-shoot right there at our meeting! And guess what? The value of this type of meeting is $450. You pay......: $0. That's right. Nothing. You're not even obligated to book your senior session with me.

You literally have nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for?