Inspiration: What I Watch

I started a post series not long ago on inspiration. So far I've shared books and music that inspires me. I've found that similar characteristics are found in each of these sources. They are:

  • Perseverance
  • Faith
  • Style
  • Selflessness
  • A skippy good story! Well, most of them. Not all of them. :)
  • Respect
  • Audacity
  • Shrewdness (the good kind). :)

Looking back on my previous posts of what I read and listen to to be inspired, you'll see at least three or four of these elements in those stories. Maybe those characteristics are things I already have and long to have in my life. Let's see if some of my favorite movies and shows fit the bill!

  1. Anything Jane Austen. Seriously.
  2. Appropriate/clean Movies about or featuring depictions of authors or classic artistic figures. Such as:
    1. Becoming Jane
    2. Miss Potter
    3. Midnight In Paris
    4. Finding Neverland
    5. A Knight's Tale
    6. Any Period Piece/The Classics. This will take up the majority of my we go!
      1. Anne Of Green Gables(1980's)
      2. Works by the Bronte Sisters, Charlotte + Emily
      3. Titanic
      4. Memoirs Of A Geisha
      5. Phantom Of The Opera
      6. North + South
      7. Bleak House
      8. Death Comes To Pemberley
      9. The Princess Bride
      10. Birdsong
      11. Tristan And Isolde
      12. Father Brown
      13. Downton Abbey
      14. Mr. Selfridge
      15. The New World
      16. The Prestige
      17. The Illusionist
      18. Game of Thrones
      19. The Great Gatsby
      20. Call The Midwife(Josh rolls his eyes at this one because it's SO girly and boring to him! LOL)
      21. Anastasia
      22. Dragonheart
      23. Gone With The Wind
      24. The Sound Of Music
      25. Cranford

So, that's the abridged version. LOL! There is just something about these classics. They are the foundation of all modern creativity and art, so I feel as though I am myself rooted in them.

And then there's the visuals of these movies. I can't explain it but the landscapes take my breath away. I couldn't find an accurate shot of this scene from Death Comes To Pemberley but on the film/digital files, whatever it is, the treatment for the scenes were just breathtaking. The blues and greens.....ah!


Please share your thoughts and comments below! What are your favorite kind of movies and why?

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