Sierra | Sebastian, Fl Senior Portraits

There is a wonderful story worth telling in every senior, in every photoshoot. I think it no coincidence that this senior's mother and I recently went through boxes and boxes of photos of her and her family. To some, many tangible photos may seem like an unnecessary abundance, but to sit with her and hold hear the stories behind each set, it was a joy. See when you're holding tangible portraits, there is no pop up notification that you have a message and so you switch over to the Messages app to read it, leaving the picture behind. There is no temptation to scroll, to watch, to tap, to like. It's just you and those memories. So when the day of the photoshoot arrived gilded with dark clouds, rain, and wind, there was a threat of no senior portraits happening. You see, Sierra is a very special girl. Her accolades all fall under singing in choir, playing steel pans, sax, and drums for the spirit and marching band, she plays rugby, has a part time job on top of all that, makes glowing grades in school, has dreams of going into medicine, and loves Jesus. Just to name a few things. I so wanted her to have beautiful images to commemorate her time as a dream-filled, lovely senior!

So we rescheduled for the next day and with dismay saw that rain was in the forecast for the whole weekend. :( Of course I took to some good, old-fashioned praying. Come the next day, after a gloomy morning and a spirit-filled worship service (no preaching, we just sang the whole time because the good 'ole H.S. took the lead), there was blue sky peeking over the trees and the clouds began to clear! Sierra met me with excitement at my house and proclaimed, "I told this lady at work that I was hoping my senior portraits didn't get rained out and she prayed for me! And now look at that sky!!"

Won't He do it, y'all. Won't He do it.


Location: Grant, FL

5dmkiv | 50mm