Taylor + Mason | Intimate Resort Wedding at Captain Hiram's

Taylor and Mason's wedding was one of the sweetest I've attended yet. It reminded me of my own wedding in the desire to be married without the fanfare or need to be noticed by others. Their ceremony was simple and sweet, their party a PARTY, I TELL YOU. It was so much fun! From the beginning, I knew they were the perfect KTP couple because they cared not only about my work but about me, just like I cared about them. At our very first meeting, they couldn't say enough thank you's and stressed how much it meant to them that even if I was done working/snapping photos, I should stay and celebrate with them. I danced the night away on the dance floor, and had an amazing dinner! Which, by the way....y'all. This dream couple went the extra mile to check and see if I had received my dinner yet, and even went to the kitchen themselves to remind the chef that I had a plate reserved and should be served. 

That's community. That's family. That's KTP. I feel like this experience may have been a once-in-a-career one, but I drank it up and gave right back. I feel like relationships and moments like that, that are more than I can ask for, are the heartbeat of this whole thing. Mr. & Mrs. Panyko, it was a complete complete joy to walk with you from beginning to end. <3 

On to the good stuff! 

This is 5 minutes from my house! I love the view! <3

Low-key Pirates Of The Caribbean fangirling over here.......:D

The new Mr & Mrs! 

I couldn't not post this. Sorry, not sorry. :D

That's his sis on the end! LOL! 

i die! 

I DIE AGAIN!!! <3 

I'm GONE. 

Check out these "falling clouds" that joined us that evening! 


AHAHAHAHAHA! You have to understand, Mason is the most collected, calm, respectful person and when he broke out in this saucy dance, everyone fell out of their chairs!!!! LOL!