Introducing: The Kinfolk Preset Suite!! {+VIDEO}

I am so happy and proud to announce my very first preset collection,

The Kinfolk Preset Suite

These presets were made for you to have a solid jumping off place while editing your images! I describe my presets as filmic, light-filled with a PUNCH! But to be honest, they are SO flexible and you don’t have to be looking to get filmy images, bright tones, creamy skin and poppy contrast. Everything stands at a healthy medium setting, which is perfect for achieving the look you desire because you can make your image go whichever way you want! Or, you can just leave the presets as is and have beautiful one-click edits if that’s your kinda cornbread.

Let’s take a walkthrough of the four main presets!!

Up first is the Basic Preset. Apply this to all images to get started on the right foot!

Kinfolk Basic

Up next is the Kinfolk Luminous Portrait! This is the preset I apply to so many of my close up portraits to pour in so much of that warm light and even tone. With a little adjusting, you can have those warm, creamy tones too!

kinfolk luminous portrait

This is the Kinfolk Film preset. Since I’m shooting film at most of my sessions and weddings now-a-days, I needed a starting preset that would help me emulate my film images. This preset brightens the tones, warms up the light, and adds a softness to the highs and lows that match my beloved Fuji 400h. Then the coloring is up to you! Every situation will be different and I think this is a good starting point to matching those colors you’ll encounter at every turn. (Note: you don’t have to use this preset to emulate film! It just softens and lightens things a bit.) :)

kinfolk film

And lastly, this is Kinfolk Black and White! I love a medium punch black and white that keeps things really even and moderate. But apply some grain to this bad boy and WHOA NELLY, it’s amazing!

kinfolk b&w

I can’t wait to get these presets out to you in February, laced with some sweet extras, a cute mini-course, and a whole lotta love. My heart goes out to all you photographers who are striving to level up!! I’m in your corner, friends!

And now for something a little extra

Click below to see these presets in action!!! Hallelujah!!!