Winter In Florida On Medium Format


Just a heads up, these images aren’t very wintry at all! LOL! I hope it’s not too much of a stab at the folks hunkering down through all the winter storms up North! If it helps any, the temperature while I was out photographing these images was in the low 60’s and high 50’s! (Brr, I know.)

I have the firm belief that if you love something enough to pursue it for a living, money shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your pursuit. I have a few artistic non-negotiables in my business but the one that is in season right now is shooting film for fun. It is definitely an enhancer to the portrait and wedding experience, but it’s SO MUCH FUN, I make myself shoot rolls for fun here and there. So a few weeks ago I got out and shot a roll of Portra 400 rated at 320. Film is a great canvas for creative photographers and rating it differently than box speed is a way to experiment. The purpose of that roll of Portra was to experiment something new and have fun. :) Here are my 16 medium format shots!


This is the Sebastian River with it’s beautiful islands in the middle. This was in full sun and my, is it gorgeous! Look at those clouds!

This is one of my favorite houses on the river! Just behind it is the road I live on! Although, I’m about a tenth of a mile up the road to the left of the frame.

And this is a lovely private dock! I’ve been driving along Indian River Dr. for these shots. Most of the time, it’s just a little paved road standing between the beautiful houses and the river!

Now it’s time to head back home! I’ve been seeing this plant for some time since we have to drive past it to get home. I was so glad to photograph it on Portra because I knew the colors would POP!

And here’s our little mango tree that has withstood the trials of two hurricanes, yet bore some heavy fruit each year after! Woot Woot! Is the Spirit speaking to anyone through that?! ;P

A cutie mango bushel! <3 Those little buds will be mangoes in about 4 months! YUM!

I snapped a pic of Genevieve….

And found Gwendolyn in the sun as per usual…:)

glen st. mary

Mom and Dad’s house on the Farm in Glen St. Mary! I lived in the room above the garage on the right for 8 1/2 years! <3

And then that time came to an end when I married Joshua under the oak tree to the left! I played in the hay and kept warm in the chicken house on the right!

And here’s Papa Paul’s barn!

A few moo-cows I missed focus on….oops! :P


The treetops!

A Pergola that will one day hold a lush grapevine!

And lastly, a perpetual greeting from me to you! <3

Portra 400 | The Find Lab