Melissa + Stephen | Elegant Garden Engagement On Film


I had the most amazing opportunity to photograph Stephen and Melissa and I have to say, they are two of the most in love people I’ve ever met and so willing to let me mold and shape them! They brought their precious puppy, Retta and she was so energetic and full of life! I say that because ya’ll know me and pups……cue squeal!! I even squealed over a little family of dachshunds we saw in the park! I got the opportunity to visit Bok Tower Gardens again and this time, we explored the on-property estate which was just gorgeous! I had been chomping at the bit to photograph that part of the park, haha! Well, it proved just as beautiful as I had hoped, made only more lovely by the couple and their pup who radiated such joy and love. Enjoy this gorgeous gallery!

Ok, there’s a story behind this image. I spent a minute or two lurking behind these bushes trying to get the right composition, and at the last moment I decided to goof off and shout, “CRIKEY!! IT’S A CUTE COUPLE IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT!!” We rolled. :)

Melissa, you’re gorgeous. <3

MELISSA. STAAAAHPP. OMG. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

P645N | Portra 400 | TheFINDLab