Midsummer Maternity | Baby McBride


You guys. This session is a good one. And I mean a GOOD one! (You know when you taste that pot of chili in the winter and it beats all the other chili’s because it has that little something extra?) That’s how I feel about this session. Not only was the weather absolutely impeccable, they were just the sweetest couple that gladly followed my excited gibberish during their session. You may recognize Kaylee from a few sessions of mine before, and now she’s a mama!

I try to be very respectful and compassionate during maternity sessions because of the sensitivity of prego mamas. Sometimes it can be too hot, or they don’t feel good about their bodies, or perhaps their outfits didn’t go as planned; well, not for Kaylee and Dylan! They rocked this session out of the park! Like, whoa! They were so happy to follow along, contort to my every wish, and didn’t complain one bit. I could tell they valued these images and were willing to deliver on their part to bring this moment in their lives to life on a few rolls of film. I was so honored and overjoyed to spend time with them and their baby girl on this beautiful midsummer afternoon. Enjoy!

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