What I've Learned About Working From Home

The dream is to work from home, stationed on the couch, always a perpetual vision of a messy bun, comfy clothes, cup of coffee, favorite TV show on and making the big bucks. All while having enough time and money to build the life you want. This is a reality for some and a far off dream for most. But as someone who works from home, I've learned a lot about that popular vision. While it takes much work to get there and can be fun for a time while there, I often don't want to stay there. Here are a few things, listed in a very unconventional manner, that I have learned about working from home.

blog_learned (1 of 11)

blog_learned (1 of 11)

Getting off track is easy when it's recipes I'm looking for. Working from home tests your drive like none other. Getting dressed in the morning helps get more done. Naps are the home-worker's worst enemy. Or laundry. Or cleaning. No place is better for walking around sheathed in a blanket pretending it's a cape. Except for Hoggetowne.

You soon find your own dream to seek out besides the "dream" of couch, coffee, and messy bun. Eating should never be an issue. The whole pantry is right there. Kitties and puppies can be distracting.

Kitties and puppies can make for the cutest office assistants. Looking out the window can be quite fun.  If you're choosing between a 30 minute lunch and 1 hour lunch.....pick depending on what kind of meal you want to eat.

It's just as important to keep your office space clean as it is the rest of your house. Also, having an office space is the best. Plugging up your cellphone in a different room can be entirely helpful.

Any walk in the morning hours is also the best. Early morning or mid-morning is nice. Bringing in fresh vegetables or greenery from outside is refreshing. Eating while working sometimes slows you down.

When your cute husband comes in for lunch, be prepared to take just as much time for lunch. Pretty much until he leaves. Setting timers for allotted time helps get things done. You have to work harder to have a social life since work and non-working time is spent at home.

Working from home can be a dream for those who want to pursue that life. But it also means buckling down harder because you are working from a place of comfort, ease, and an atmosphere of relaxation. Overall, if that's what you're after, it's entirely worth it.

What is your "dream" you're working towards?