Emilee + John David | Old Ruins Anniversary Session In Fernandina On Film

One year of love. I've social media followed Emilee and John David for years. The camera loves them and they love the camera so of course my photographer's heart dreamt! But praise Jesus, I got to photograph their anniversary session! Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera,(which is okay!!!) but these two know how to WORK IT. It's not just about knowing angles and composition or cute poses with these two. What you see is real life and how they naturally fell into place in front of the camera. And just when you thought their real life love story couldn't get any more romantic....(you know, an elopement a year ago, being traveling beekeepers that get to see the U.S.....) 

On top of that, I did the entire session on film. What a challenge! They bore with me through changing film rolls and giving funny instructions because my mind was racing faster than my shutter! Boy was it invigorating, refreshing, and a thrill! The wait was grueling because of the holidays, but it is oh, so worth it. Soooo worth it. 


Portra 400 | Scans by TheFINDLab