Erica + Austin | New Smyrna Beach Anniversary Session On Film


There is not much I can muster to say about this session. Erica is my sister and probably my first friend, and earliest influence over me as my older sibling. One of my earliest memories of her is us fighting over the blonde Barbie in the bathtub (which I wanted because Erica had blonde hair and I got what I thought was muddy auburn and sometimes ginger-y red hair) and then lying in bed scratching each others backs. 

 I watched from afar as Erica and Austin's relationship began in college, continued in marriage, persevered through proverbial hard times, flourished and took root in each other. Not only are they wildly photogenic, they are stylish, fun-loving, and genuine. They have two beautiful daughters who are the light of our family and I love watching them live life. I loved this shoot and I love them. 

Portra 400 | Scans by TheFINDLab