Season of Surrender | An Artisan Film Story


This story speaks volumes about who I am inherently and season of life I am in right now. The longer I live, I learn that when authors pen a story, some part of that story reflects themselves. Whether Tolkien dreamed of being an unlikely hero like Bilbo Baggins or Frodo Baggins, an unwavering devoted friend like Samwise Gamgee, or perhaps he revealed himself to struggle with power and greed like Smeagol turned Gollum, I think we’ll never fully know. But I do know that this visual story tells so much of myself. It tells of the next stepping stone in my business journey, and it tells of the physical seasons changing. It makes me so thrilled for what’s to come and incites excitement for me in this new direction.

In this visual story, you’ll see a content, stubborn, reclusive spirit fight the pull of something new. And when a certain moment comes to pass, that spirit gives in and releases control into the hands of the light, where it finds new belonging, new purpose, almost as if that is where it belonged the whole time. While hand crafting this story, I mindfully snapped each frame to fit together seamlessly as a story, as an experience. The experience of remembering and relating to the story. I purposefully kept the images subjective so that anyone could find a similarity within themselves and then perhaps be inspired to take a new step and push forward.

Today is November 1, and the day I release this story. This personal, ethereal, elegant story needed to be released at just the right time. Today. When I create stories, I thrive to fulfill my creative soul and also create stories that share the Living Message of the Gospel. Many stories in the Bible tell of a journey, a path that leads to a choice. Job, Ruth, Esther, the Disciples, Jesus Himself, were all faced with a journey that lead to a choice. Ultimately, the choice was: do I surrender to God? The Light in this story is both the Father and His blessing for obedience and surrender. Or it can represent the fact that the weather is cooling off and the life around us gives in and rests into the natural occurrence of life-death-life-death….winter is coming. Rest is coming. Peace is coming. I’m so glad to have shared this with you. Enjoy, my Kindreds! Enjoy!

Portra 400 | Fuji 400h | TheFINDLab

Special Thanks to:

Florals: Jamie Lee Bloxham | Location: The Raulerson Family Farm | Model: Leah Kerce