10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Happy Tuesday, Friends! 

So while building my website (specifically, my Meet Kailee page) a while back, I wanted to get creative with the information I shared about myself and how it was presented, but most every About page I come across is so saturated.  So in the end, I kept it simple, concise, and genuine. 

Today, I'd like to share a few more fun things about myself that you probably don't know! 

Sweet and simple. The way I like it! 

1. My comedic influence is as strong as a toothpick. I'm not that funny. I'm quirky, but not funny. My timing is always off and it just doesn't get any better. I'm the only person that thinks I'm funny......HAHA

2. I am a certified teacher for grades K-6. I taught as a 2nd grade teacher for a few years before transitioning to photography full time. Here's me and my lovely quad-mates! 

3. My family is incredibly quirky. Some of the strangest things happen when my mom and her sisters get together. Some things aren't meant to be photographed, trust me......but here's a small example of our goofiness......a chinese fire drill while waiting on the train. 

4. My husband was the first guy I had a crush on. In 6th grade, he got some attention for being in a skateboard accident and scraping up his face, and suddenly all the girls went wild. :) 

5. I love travel and missions! I've been on many trips to share the Gospel. 

6. Starbucks is for fun shopping days or special occasions only.....;) I'm a Dunkin Donuts girl. :) 

7. I sparked an interest in theatre in grade 5, and from that year on, I was in roughly one production a year until 6 years after my graduation. That totals somewhere around 18+ productions. 

8. I'm in a band. We are 2B1. We sing worship music. Here is a random photo you can use to make fun of us....;P

9. I have a spinal condition called scoliosis. It is pretty much a curvature of the spine. When I was 15, I had corrective surgery and a few rods and screws were placed in my back to bring it back into alignment/straighten it out. (2 rods and 15 screws to be exact.) The procedure resulted in me gaining a whole 2 inches to my height. I stood at an average 5'5 1/2" before and now I stand around 5'7 1/2". I may now be the exact same height as my dashing husband or slightly taller, as demonstrated by this photo....

10. I am a lover of old-fashioned, simple, wholesome, and well-made. I love car shows, craft festivals, old movies, classic books, and an all around simpler way of life. I'm the girl who would build myself a cabin tucked in the side of a mountain and thrive there all by myself. Here's me and an old car.....