Penelope Turns One! | North Florida Film Photographer

I feel like I have endless words about this shoot. The film camera seems to be settling in more comfortably in my hands each time I shoot a film session. The digital camera fits well too, but there's a connection, a commitment to film. You commit to it and then wait on it. Unlike digital which is fast paced, spontaneous, and moldable. Whereas film is like a wise elder, set in it's ways but no stranger to change. 

Penelope's mama Kaitlin has been a friend of both Joshua and I since early childhood. Joshua tells me his middle name is in honor of Kaitlin's dad. (Joshua Mark, for the record...) ;) She and I were even neighbors at one point! So the history runs way back. She has two adorable little girls, Penelope being the youngest of the two, and boy, is she CUTE!!! These photos, no matter how pretty, hardly do her justice! Those wonderful eyes and her two little teeth.......I'm smitten!  

Our goal for her shoot was to capture all her one year old essence. They're only little once and we aimed to keep it natural and all about Penelope. She's so inquisitive, observant, confident, and quiet. It was a joy to hang out with Kaitlin and Penelope at a historic battlefield that's gorgeous at any time of the year! What a sweet little darlin'!! Thank you for choosing me, Kaitlin! 

Look at that expression!!! What a ham! 

Total angel baby! <3

Little fingers.....

And little toes....

The sweetest cheeks.....

...and little bows!!! 

Oh, yeah! Look at me and my bad self standing up! This one year old thing is going to be a breeze!

The left image is Penelope's face when her mama showed her a picture of their family dog she loves! 

And this is the sweetest. This framing hangs in her room and her Daddy prays this with her every night. When we put it down by her, she looked at it and knowingly placed her hand around it! What a legacy to teach our little ones at such an early age! *can I get an AMEN?*

Mommy & Me! 

Portra 400 | Scans by TheFINDLab | Osceola National Forest