Anna | Davis Island Heirloom Bridals

Now that this girl is married, I can finally share her bridal portraits from back in March! I knew when we took them that I would fall over from all the beauty! 

As with any session I book, there's a little story. (hehe) We trekked over to Davis Island for Anna's bridals, and had plenty of ideas. We picked out our location but once we got there, things didn't turn out quite like we had anticipated. Our select building wasn't a resort or club of any sort, it was just a cute old folks retirement complex. We wanted to remain respectful of the building and kept asking around for the office but all the people there kept telling us there was no office! Plus, it didn't look exactly like some of the images we saw online (we actually couldn't find the exact building we were looking for!). So we moved on. We came upon this lovely apartment complex with the most stunning exterior. We knew we just HAD to have it! As if by divine intervention, things started falling into place. Every backdrop you see was within 10 feet of each other as the front of the building. Then, there was the back of the building with a pool, view of the a yacht club, and the prettiest architecture ever. You wouldn't even know we weren't in Italy! 

The last and sweetest coincidence was that we were a little concerned with permission to use the building because it looked super swanky! But we met the sweetest little lady who let Anna use her apartment to change into her wedding dress and even showed us around the building. It turns out she was the widow of a well known sportscaster in the area. Funny how things work. :) (Does anyone else hear a random playing of the old hymn, "God Moves In Mysterious Ways"? ;P