Anna and Anthony | Married

I am so thrilled that Anna and Anthony are finally married! They met while working in the same building complex and kept their relationship a secret for the first few romantic! I can't speak high enough of Lakeland, their city in which they got married! All three of their venues- the getting ready hotel, church where they were married, and reception hall- were all around a gorgeous lake named Lake Morton! I felt so alive! 

Their day was the epitome of sweetness, purity, and love. One of my favorite and funniest moments of the day was right before their newlywed portraits. We had taken our vehicles to the reception hall which was right in front of Lake Morton, and we planned to do their newlywed portraits by the lake. as we got out of our cars, a chapel next door was ringing it's bells for Saturday service. Anna totally thought Joshua and I were jamming to cathedral bell tunes in our car! LOL! There were quite literally, wedding bells in the air! On a side note, they went to Iceland for their honeymoon! ICELAND! Could I just have followed you and snapped pics of you guys frolicking the moors of Iceland? There may be some objections to that. ;) 

Check out this gorgeous wedding! Congrats, Anna and Anthony! It was a joy to walk with you throughout your day! <3