VIDEO: Introduction to Business Basics For Photographers

Hi, everyone! 

I'm so excited and proud to announce a special video series about Business Basics for Photographers! This collection of weekly videos will detail each part of a photography business that I believe you an strive for in order to be successful. This is just a little intro video for last week, so keep an eye out for this week's video! 

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  • Gear

  • Legal Solutions

  • Administration

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Pricing and Finance

  • Personal Vision, Growth, and Self Care

I'm so glad you've tuned in and that you're considering joining me. I have so much valuable information that I don't feel is shared enough. Some folks don't share it because it is so valuable and they've worked hard to gain it, but in truth, it holds no value to you until you actually learn how to use the knowledge you've been given. I can't wait to see what you do with it!