Late Spring Under The Mango Tree

Hi, everyone! How are you? It has been HOT here in South FL! The past few days have been humid and hot, and all photoshoot fun has to be done before the sun comes up or while it goes down because it bakes here pretty quick! 

So, yesterday, I was taking the pets for a walk and as I walked by my house to start the journey, I spotted a framing/composition idea while looking at our mango tree and the ideas started flowing from there! I quickly texted my little group of go-to models and set up a shoot for early this morning.

Sierra is a familiar face around KTP since she is one of my first Seniors I photographed here on the Treasure Coast and she's also been there for milestones of my film journey! So this morning, I was channeling some bright, bold, fun, and glowy portraits to mark the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Our mangoes aren't quite ripe yet, so they are at the perfect point of their life cycle to represent the change of one season to another. I asked her to bring a specific color palette to match the mangoes, and she brought it, folks! Check out her vibrant red hair! Her hair actually matched the darker, more ripe parts of the mangoes! So perfect! 

Another important point of this shoot is that I shot the session mainly on film. The few shots you see below are digital test shots and composition ideas. I recently restocked my film stash and am giving a new film stock a shot (or 36). ;) #photographypuns We also enjoyed some breakfast after this, which you know, naturally. ;)