The McCook Family | Portraits

I am so very thrilled to share the McCook Family's portraits today! Not only were they so CUTE, but so easy to work with! We hustled big time to beat the rain but you'd have no idea it was dreary and icky out! What a sweet time for everyone! It was nice to see folks from my hometown since I don't see very many of them as often due to my move two years ago. The best thing is seeing people you care about when you haven't seen them in a while. Amanda was a majorette in high school (like me!) and helped choreograph some of our routines back in my high school years. Carrigan, their beautiful oldest daughter was in my Internship class way back when she was in 2nd grade! Now the teen years are upon us! YIKES! Camdyn is getting ready to go into 5th grade, and was taught 4th by my aunt who is also a teacher. They are growing up way too fast! YOWZA!! Time slow down! 

I had the best time with you, Amanda, Tony, Carrigan and Camdyn! Your babes are beautiful, Amanda! <3 <3