Can You Tell The Difference Between An Entry Level Camera vs. Professional Grade Camera?

So, photography can be expensive, am I right? Yes. I am. If you've ever researched gear and the works out of a desire to start your own business or pursue it as a hobby, you quickly closed that computer screen down and put your dream on the shelf. You saw that a "legit" business requires around $10,000 worth of gear and that's just the beginning. You have kids, you have the mortgage, you have vacation, family plans and dreams, and well, $10,000 for what could at best be a very expensive hobby just doesn't seem worth it.

Yeah, I know. I sat at the computer screen just like you. I was newly married, decided I was not going to resume teaching in my new town I was living in, and that budget the pros threw at me made it seem like the Carolinas, Dakotas, and Virginias would merge into single states before I acquired what I "needed" to be successful. Yep. 

BUT, you know me. Here at KTP, we love providing resources, education, and encouragement for growing entrepreneurs. If you don't know how to do something, I'd love to help. If you're stuck on a business problem, I'll help you solve it. If you don't know where to start, with photography, I'm your girl. Heck, If I can't do it, I will find someone who can! 

With all that being said, I was inspired some time ago to create an encouraging, yet educational post with some tangible examples. This is that post. You think you need a super expensive camera to get the job done. You don't. Don't believe me? Keep reading. 

I set out this morning at an inopportune time (9:30AM to be exact), with two cameras, and a warm heart for encouragement. See, I LOVE seeing comparisons and contrasts. Personally, I glean a lot from educational experiences where I can conduct comparisons. So, that is what I've done here today. 

On my right hip was the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV mounted with a 50mm f/1.2. Serious stuff. On my left hip was my cute Canon EOS Rebel T5i mounted with a 50mm f/1.8. Both setups are at the opposite end of the price spectrum. Without divulging exact numbers, I can tell you that the Mark IV setup price ranges in the thousands, and the Rebel setup is sturdily below $1000. The Rebel is an "entry-level" camera made for the average consumer or hobbyist, and the Mark IV is a professional grade camera. The difference is clear. Now let's see what the images say. I've taken the same set of images with the exact same setting plugged into both cameras. Nothing is different except that one camera has a crop-sensor and the other has a full-frame sensor. 


Canon Rebel T5i

Mounted w/ 50mm f1.8


Canon 5D Mark IV

Mounted w/ 50mm f/1.2

Let's play a game. Here's the set of images side by side. Do a scroll through and try to guess which image is from a professional grade camera and which is from a cheaper camera. If you're not feeling quite playful today and you just want the facts, I respect that. So the answer is at the end of this post so you can scroll right down and approach the photos one time with the answers if you like. BUT I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you do one good scroll before you seek the answer. You could even take advantage of a learning opportunity and take notes as you scroll, justifying your answers. (That's the teacher in me...;D) 

For those of you who are in for the ride, let's go! 

Just some mangoes hanging out! Can you tell which was taken by which camera? 

The focus is different here, but don't let it fool you! ;) 

So there are some obvious color differences here but does it tell you which was taken by the expensive camera and which was taken by the non-expensive camera? Hmmm....

I couldn't resist a flat-lay! Plus, this was taken inside with slightly lower light quality, which was a different situation than the well-lit or backlit glory of outside. 

So, what do you think? Please use the comments box below to share your thoughts! What differences do you see? What similarities? I'd love to know! 

Are you ready for the answer?! Okay! Here it is! 

Images on the left are the Mark IV, images on the right are the Rebel T5i! 

Did you expect that? Could you tell? Sometimes I couldn't even tell! There are very few lighting and coloring differences in some of the comparisons, but it really doesn't affect the quality! 

Take heart, my friends. 

You don't need to dish out thousands right now to simply get started. Sometimes I believe motivation is more necessary than money! I hope this encouraged you! Let me know in the comments below if it did! Happy Monday friends! What do you have planned this week?