Life Update - August 2018

Hi, Kindreds! I can always sense when a change of seasons is approaching, both in the natural and in the spirit. It's been a time of change for us, as I pursue new things in my business and as Joshua and I pursue new things together. Here's an update! 


1. Trying New Things

I recently took a step forward in my business by adding Medium Format to my list of gear. This is Petunia the Pentax!

I also shot my first successful roll of Fuji 400h the first time I used the camera! I was a little nervous because my first roll of 35mm Fuji 400h was okay, but lacked something. It was exposed the way I wanted it to be (at least I thought) but it was still not great. My second roll of 35mm Fuji 400h was just plain ICKY! I didn't even share any of the images because in my artistic eye, they were just bad. I was not impressed with the beloved Fuji 400h so far, but gave it another go on Medium Format and WOW! I see what the fuss is about! Portra 400 is still my favorite, but after some more time with Fuji, I'm sure I'll become another beloved fan. <3 


2. Noodle Work

I used to be the most maniacal reader. But sadly, as an adult, I haven't really made reading a lifestyle priority. I'm working on changing that.

Not just for the sake of my own brain but for my business as well. I am so inspired by books and I love when it seeps into my images. I've been hammering down on works by C.S. Lewis and Tolkien lately, which is a nice combo. I feel more energized and refreshed, and am more willing to take on activities that require a bit more brain power, (like super complicated recipes...) LOL. 


3. Home

I've recently started playing with diffusing oils. With it's recent trend uprising, I decided to give it a try and see if it would outlive it's current popularity. Will I use these things in years to come?

I mainly bought this oil diffuser because I was searching for solutions to freshen my home after cleaning and on a daily basis. I am also very particular about smells. While Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside and Home Sweet Home may be my favorite candles of all time, the reality of living with a feller' set in a long time ago when Joshua would come in and wrinkle his nose all cute-like because the scents were so harsh. So far, so good here at the Trippett House and I'm also interested to reap the natural benefits of an organic product such as these oils. Hooray for new adventures! 


4. Body Work

As many others in my generation, we are approaching an age where how we care for our bodies in this moment will likely stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I have never been an extremely active person. As a result, I've joined the gym, and have started taking the lead on my diet lately. I've been using this app called LIfeSum which is essentially a nutrition tracker. I log in what I eat, and it rates not only the quality of the meal but my progress during the day. It tells you what you're getting plenty of and what you need more of. When you first start using the app, you enter in your info such as your gender, age, weight, and goal. Mine is just to be healthier and stronger. It was a new experience going to a gym consistently, but I quickly learned that everyone there is there to do the same thing, and most of them stay in their own little worlds. It is actually very refreshing. Here's to a stronger and healthier me! 


5. Just For Fun

Joshua and I have succumbed to the AR-like mobile games and are now logged as employees of Jurassic Park.

LOL. Just kidding. We've been playing this game called Jurassic World Alive! that is very similar to Pokemon GO! except it is not as augmented reality based. It's a location driven game where you have to get out, find dinos, reach proximity of them, and capture them. Within the game, you can battle other players with your dinosaur collection, or you can create hybrids after collecting so much DNA from the dinosaurs, ect. It has actually been really fun learning to identify dinosaurs I didn't know existed. I now know what an apatosaurus, a majungasaurus, and other dinosaurs look like! I'm currently working on capturing Blue and Echo! :) 

What's new with you lately?