just a little blurb

Hey, kindreds! 

How are things going?! I'm over here cooking up ideas in this creative brain juice of mine! One of my favorite things about being a business owner is how I get to make my own ideas come to life. It's up to me and only me to make things happen. Lately, I've been seeing how many of those little details I've planned in the past year or two have fallen into place, and how they actually succeed. 

I have certain elements of my wedding workflow that reflect some of my business values. But since I only see my brides maybe once or twice before their wedding date, much of that workflow goes unseen by me. For example, I sell custom albums and print products in my store. If the client purchases prints or a product, it gets shipped straight to my brides and I often don't get to see them except through an image. I don't do in-person sales, so I don't get to see the look in my friend's eyes when they open their gallery and see their images for the first time. Because of this, I rely heavily on communication, references, and reviews to speak for me. I love this concept in my business because not only is it biblical, (Proverbs 27:2), it's endlessly more effective than me trying to promote myself. 

Just in the past two days, I've received the sweetest messages from KTP friends, who are so, so grateful for the work I do. It is genuine messages and compliments like that from which I draw some motivation and inspiration. In this fast moving world, photography is becoming ever more lucrative. There is virtually no longer a barrier of any kind that stands in the way of someone wanting to purchase a camera. And then, when they have that camera, there's no stopping the snapping of 1000+ images at any given second. Although culture tells us that actual photography is growing ever more lucrative, there's a sleeping giant in those gratitude filled thank you's, the proud posts of images, and the excitement of mounting blown up images on your wall to see every day. As vain as it may seem, we do it because we love one another and want beautiful representations of how we spend our lives. 

At one of my recent sessions, I instructed the parents to stand in one spot while their little boy ran around them in a joy of boyhood play. They laughed with pleasure as they said, "That is so perfect because that's totally how we spend our days! That's what life is like with us!" Yes, life with a little boy is hardly posed and perfect. 

So, when it boils down, my clients and I love to create beautiful, valuable, heirloom-worthy, artisan-inspired representations of that moment in life. They look at themselves and suddenly feel like they just might be worth more than the world tends to tell them. That they are worthy of being treasured and remembered. And that's all I want for our time together. <3