Before Baby Oliver

HI, Kindreds! What an exciting time it is for KTP! In my effort to be transparent about the work it takes to build your own business, I forget sometimes to celebrate the small victories and invite my business champions to celebrate with me. I am quickly approaching the season of business where I am welcoming returning clients back for second and third sessions. Each time, it’s a new season of life and I’m so happy to really get to walk with them through life’s precious moments.

Last year, Jeff and Olivia booked one of my Christmas Card sessions. It was the first time I’d met them and when they brought a few props, included was a little light board with letters. It looked a lot like the trendy boards people were using on Instagram and such for pregnancy updates and announcements. I saw it and gushed, “Oh my gosh, are you pregnant?! Is this a surprise pregnancy shoot?!?!” But they laughed and said no, that this was not as such. But I spoke it and out into the universe it went. A short two months later, they had scheduled another shoot with me and the night before the shoot, they texted me and said, “HEY! We just found out we are pregnant! Can we take some pregnancy announcement photos at our session?!?!”

Y’all. I cried.

They are just the sweetest, most fun couple to work with. Anything I throw out at them, they willingly comply and even put up with my excited gibberish when I can’t make up my mind what I’m going to direct them to do next! So along comes Baby Oliver Wesley Wainright. When Farm Sessions were going on, I knew I had to invite them out to the farm to do a special little session for them to congratulate them on their forthcoming peanut. It was an amazing full circle moment as my medium format shutter clicked and pulled the film to the next frame. I’m so thankful for what I do.

Congratulations Jeff and Olivia! Can’t wait to meet Baby Oliver soon!

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