5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Bridal Session

Hello, Kindreds! I’m so glad you’ve joined me today for a neat post as I go through a few reasons why a bridal session is a MUST before your wedding!

In my Wedding Collections description, I offer a complimentary engagement or bridal session with every collection. I often get asked about bridal sessions at consultations with potential brides. Some think it is a small part of their wedding day, others think it’s an add-on portion of images taken of their wedding dress and details, or even a non-photographic meeting about their wedding day or something. Here is a description!

Scheduled a few months before your wedding day, a KTP Bridal Session is a portrait session of you in your wedding dress, at a beautiful location. These images are crafted to be treasured as artisan heirlooms for generations to come.

So, you’re in your wedding dress, at a beautiful location, hair and makeup done just like on your wedding day, and you are the main event! Bridal sessions are quickly gaining popularity again in 2018 and 2019 for many reasons and I’m here to share 5 of them! Let’s hop to it!


1. You get the opportunity to wear your wedding dress more than once on your wedding day!

You paid a pretty penny for it, might as well get your money’s worth! :D LOL!


2. You get to meet your photographer before the big day.

I usually require a meet up in the form of a consultation before I book a bride, but sometimes that isn’t a reality for destination brides. So, I’m flexible and will settle for an engagement session, bridal session, or venue walk-through as our first meeting! This really helps to establish a connection between us and provide comfort and confidence on your wedding day. I’d be slightly terrified if I payed for a vendor and never met them before the wedding day! Eek!


3. You’ll find little alterations and fixes to your dress to make it more comfortable on your wedding day!

This is a huge one! Friends, alterations are not enough to gauge whether or not you’ll feel completely comfortable in your wedding dress. After spending an hour or two walking around and moving in your dress, you’ll find something that you can alter in order to make it more comfy! For example, I had my wedding dress altered maybe two times to adjust the fit of the dress. It was a snug fit around the waist, but I imagined that after a few fittings it would stretch and I’d get into it just fine. Then came my bridal session and I was just way too uncomfortable to be traipsing around the gardens were were at. I evaluated the cause of the discomfort and decided to undo an elastic band on the inside of the dress. After this, I was the most comfortable I’d been in the dress so far and the change did not affect the way it looked on me. I was SO THANKFUL! There’s nothing worse than feeling so beautiful on one of the most important days of your life but being super uncomfortable and possibly in pain. Bridal sessions for the win!


4. You get to feel beautiful in a warm, relaxed setting.

If we are in a populated place, you’ll get buckets of smiles, congratulations, stares, and “ooh, a princess!!” exclamations from little girls! You’re a bride! You should feel like one!


5. Heirlooms for generations to come!

The concept of heirlooms are gaining weight and popularity here at KTP because of their priceless nature for families and little girls in generations to come. So far, there’s only one photo of my maternal grandmother getting married, and I treasure it so much. There is a portrait of my mom in her wedding dress that I also love. There’s even one of my aunts and sister that I just love to stare at. Maybe it’s the radiant bride essence they had. These are things that I can keep for my children so they will look back on them like I do and tell stories of the folks they cherish.

I hope this has served you well and maybe even tilted your ear to a KTP Bridal Session! Want to know more? See below and shoot me a message!

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