25 Questions To Ask Your Photographer + DOWNLOAD

Hi, there Kindreds! 

What have you been up to lately? The seasons are slowly changing (it wasn't choking hot this morning when we woke up!) and I'm sure everyone is ready for this hot weather to cool off1 

For the past two weeks, I've been nose to the grindstone with 2018 Farm Sessions! They were so much fun and I am putting finishing touches on galleries today to send out! In addition to sessions, I had a few other meetings which included a consultation with a potential bride. I usually come prepared with a list of things to talk about at consultations. If you're unsure about what a consultation is, it is a little meeting I require of all my brides so we can establish a face-to-face connection, and see if we are a good fit! I also use that opportunity to answer any questions the bride and groom may have for me. 

On that same note, my bride came so prepared and it made my heart sing1 Many folks don't quite understand a consultation or what it's for, but this bride came with questions galore! She had some great questions that I wish many brides came to our meetings ready to ask! 

*cue handy dandy list*! So in honor of that thought, I've crafted for you a list jam packed with questions that you'll be glad you asked! And down at the bottom, you'll find a handy printable so you can take the list with you to meetings with your photographer! 

Let's jump into it! 

  1. How would you describe your photography (shooting/editing) style?

  2. What are your biggest business values?

  3. Do you offer videography alongside your collections?

  4. Do you have any vendor recommendations?

  5. What sets you apart from other photographers in the area?

  6. Do you shoot digital and film or only one?

  7. What is the turnaround time for my images?

  8. Will you clarify your collections and what all is included?

  9. Why do you do photography?

  10. Do you use a second shooter or assistant?

  11. Are you able/do you ever visit the venue prior to the wedding/shoot?

  12. What is your tax rate? Is it included?

  13. What payment methods do you accept?

  14. Are payment plans an option?

  15. We will be serving alcohol at our wedding, are you comfortable with shooting our reception?

  16. Do you offer help (or do you have suggestions for) with our wedding timeline?

  17. Do you offer alternatives to an engagement session?

  18. Do you offer bridal sessions? What is a bridal session?

  19. What do we need to do if we don’t want our photos posted online?

  20. Do you sell albums and/or prints?

  21. Will I get a preview of my images?

  22. Will I get a gallery of my images? Is it downloadable? Who all has permission to download or post?

  23. Do you offer any discounts?

  24. What are some deadlines I need to be aware of?

  25. What is your ideal bride/client?

How 'bout it? Those are some great questions, right? I thought so too! Time and time again, I'm sitting with brides and after suggesting some questions to ask, I'm always met with, "What great questions! I never thought to ask that!" 

So, I'm glad to share this list with you today so you can take it with you to your own consultation with potential wedding photographers, or you can pass it along to a friend. Happy Questioning! LOL! 

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