Stock Shoppe + 5 FREE STOCK IMAGES

Happy Monday, friends!! I am so excited to be launching the KTP Print Shoppe! If you click the button in the footer, you can visit the Shoppe where there are already some lovely landscape images you can purchase! Very soon, more components of the Shoppe will be added on, such as the Signature Artisan Series, and the STOCK SHOPPE! EEEP! All of these offerings are just the beginning of my journey in artistry, as I pull from my artistic arsenal and offer more opportunities to attain art that is gorgeous and authentic, yet time efficient for me to produce. Here are the three main components so far!

Landscapes/Print Shoppe - Sourced from extra frames of medium format film, 35mm film, and digital sessions, these are pretty prints to add a final touch to any room in your home.

STOCK SHOPPE - Seasonal stock images for the artist who loves organic, authentic, fine quality images for their creative use.

Signature Artisan Collection - Fine art renderings of memories and moments, available to past clients and the general public. Sourced from my portfolio of film and digital work, these pieces are digitally retouched, then hand-textured and finally sealed with a modern customization of the ancient technique of encaustic preservation.

Be sure to join the email list by entering your email in the footer, but you can get a taste of the STOCK SHOPPE today by downloading 5 FREE KTP STOCK IMAGES by clicking the button below! YEEHAW! If you love LOVE them, be sure to stay tuned as the shoppes open for everyone to browse and find pretty things. Click below to get your freebies and have a FANTASTIC MONDAY!!