KTP Kindreds Rewards and Loyalty FAQ

Hi, my friends! I am so glad to be here today sharing some fun news with you. As you know from a previous post, this year I am pouring much of myself into my little community of friends and family who support and champion me. I have created a special rewards and loyalty program to clients, so they can take advantage of promos and deals, as well as save some cash! Mostly, it shouts my heart to people who trust me with their moments, that I want to give you more than just pretty photos or a great experience.

If you have booked with me before, this one’s for you!!!

If you follow me and often see my online contributions, you're aware that my services have tapered down and I now only offer weddings, senior portrait sessions, and couples (which can be engagements, anniversaries, or couples!) 
For 2019, I've dreamt up a system that will bless you and hopefully make you SO HAPPY! 

It it affectionately titled THE KTP LOYALTY AND REWARDS PROGRAM!! (Sounds kinda bland, kinda fancy, but just hang with me.)

So here's the skinny: 

This system is designed to give you savings, early access and access to services not available to the "public" (aka new/first inquiries). 

Here is a summary of the goods! 

  • OPEN DOOR. If you have booked with me before (or helped finance a session/wedding) discontinued services such as family, maternity, and newborn sessions are available to you! WOOT WOOT! And feel free to ask about any other type of session that you may have a need for! 

  • BUY TWO, GET ONE. When you purchase two full price sessions (or a wedding + session), you get a 30 minute session for free or half off a full price session. WHAT. WUT. (IMMA 'BOUT TO POP SOME TAGS ONLY GOT $20 IN MY POCKET. I-I-I'M BOOKIN', LOOKIN FOR SOME SAVINGS, KTP IS AWESOME) {thanks, Macklemore}

  • EARLY ACCESS. In Q2 of the year, I am launching a few new photo product offerings such as fine art renderings and album design (even if the images weren't taken by me), and you get first access for a WHOLE MONTH at a discounted rate. (CUE MUSIC) Keep a lookout in March for the big email launch! 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS. Once you're in, you're in. For life. You can have a 10 year gap in between services, and still have access to this program and all its future versions. (this feels like a warm hug when I type it!)

This whole photography industry thing is way saturated these days, and we sit and wonder who in the world we're going to trust and let into our lives? There's plenty of folks out there and I'm so honored you've chosen me in the past two years. You've poured into me (and my dream job!) so I feel deeply honored to be able to pour back into you in this way. As a perpetual thank you and simultaneous invitation, I welcome you to the KTP Loyalty & Rewards Program. 

Never booked with me before? That’s okay!

let’s answer some questions.

How do I join the program? It’s simple, really! Just book a current offering and you’re in!

Do I qualify if I was gifted a session? Yes, you do! Congrats!

Do weddings qualify for Buy Two, Get One savings? Unfortunately, weddings do not qualify for free or half off. However, if it is your third booking with me, I may have some treats and tricks up my sleeve. I don’t want to give too much away, though and spoil the surprise! ;P

What if I can’t imagine anyone else ever in the history of the universe photographing my baby or my family?! What’s a girl to do?! If I’m available, I may make an exception. Maybe. ;P

Can I gift my free 30 minute session or half off full session? These savings are only available to the client who purchased the first two services.

Is there a time limit or deadline for my bookings to get my free or half-off session? Nope! Your place in the KTP family is for life, so it can be 1, 3, 5, or 10 years in between each session.

Can I trade the value of the session for photo products such as photo books, artisan renderings, or a USB? Great question, but unfortunately, no. Savings currently only apply to sessions.

Will the prices stay the same over the years? Good eye! As the years go on, the pricing of the sessions are subject to change due the market, inflation or deflation, experience, supply and demand, and overall growth of my business. If you are concerned with future pricing, your best bet would be to bank on the free 30 minute session…..because it will still be free! :D

Please feel free to ask any questions by commenting below or shooting me an email! I am here to help and have a deep desire to make you feel at home here at KTP. So……..

Come on in!
There's plenty of sweet tea to go around. :)