Samantha + Alex | Preview


I am absolutely in LOVE with Sam and Alex! They are such genuine, jovial folks and they are totally cool! They even put up with me squealing after every shot! LOL!! We had such a lovely time this weekend and I can’t wait to share this gallery with you soon! <3

On a separate note, many of you have seen that I’ve taken a step away/fasting season from social media. While I could write a little more about it in a separate post, I’d like to just summarize it here! For me, this season looks like deleting all the SM apps off of my phone and refraining from the scroll at times when I could be actively pursuing something else. I plan to check in every 10 days to make sure that no specifically important messages slide through the cracks, (not everyone will have seen that I’m currently off) but other than that, I’m not actively available on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Pages. On the flip side, I’ll still be very active here on my website, and you can email me at anytime! I actually prefer emails for the purpose of records and archives! Also, another option is if you want to personally get ahold of me and you have an Apple device with iMessage, you can text me at my email address too! Fancy!!

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Enjoy the rest of this pretty preview and see you soon!