Early Spring

Here in FL, “winter” isn’t so much a winter as it is a break from the sun’s broil setting. We’ve had maybe two or three weeks of low temperatures in the 50’s and maybe even the 40’s on occasion, but for the most part, things have been pretty mild. With the impending bloom of spring, comes my yearly infatuation with plants and greenery, and I start stocking up on so much green!

Since June (my birthday to be exact.) I’ve been just obsessed with plants and organic life inside and outside our home. I’ve never really been a “plant girl” as much as just a lover of nature and being outside, but this new side of me is as excited as the new dew on a leaf! Here’s a little tour of my teensy (but growing) plant collection! :)

Ok, I know this doesn’t look very pretty right now, but trust me, those little buds you see….they are roses! This is a Desert Rose given to me by Joshua for my most recent birthday in June! These plants are very hardy and can go without water for a long time- hence its origin name “desert rose”. This is where my aforementioned love of plants came from! (So it’s all because Josh bought me a little desert rose..) :p

Up next are my lilies! They’ve lasted for such a long time and are still growing! Although, we need to move them inside or to a different place because you can see the edges of the leaves are starting to look like lunch for a few critters. We’ve had them in our front yard to get as much sun as possible! Joshua bought me these as well. :)

These are my beautiful peace lilies! I got these from my Papa Bill’s funeral and cherish having them as a way to remember him during our time of grieving. Just in the past two weeks, these blooms have sprouted from obscurity and are reaching high into the air! I can’t wait until they do! Papa Bill would have loved them. :)

And these are my Orchids Joshua got me for Valentine’s Day! You can find these at Walmart around this time of year, but I think he bought these from a botanical garden that’s right next to his work! Once these buds fall off, you can transplant them onto small trees and they graft into the tree to make hanging orchids! So cool! These are so pretty! Also, check out my double exposure featuring my hand and these pretty orchids! LOL!


Ok, so these next plants are just plants around our property, but they are still so pretty because they are all in the process of getting ready to bloom for spring! <3

I can’t get over how VIVID these buds are! No matter what my settings are, these flowers just blow the camera sensor with color! It’s wild! Also, it is a giant bush that is kind of hollow in the middle, and our kitties like to go sleep in it. It’s the cutest thing! Gwendolyn, as seen here, likes to jump out of the bush suddenly like she’s making her entrance into the world and it cracks me up! LOL!

I thought these little baby cacti were cute! :)

The cactus has blooms too!! <3

I had to include the mango tree! :) These little buds are all teensy mangos, but many of them will fall off in favor of the most strong mango!

There is a vine of jasmine in there somewhere and it will bloom very, very soon! The months of March and April are my favorite for sitting on the porch to drink coffee because the breeze from the south blows the scent of jasmine toward the house and it smells just lovely! The mornings around this time are usually cool still and the fresh, jasmine smell just hits the spot for me.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for new plants! Preferably ones that are hardy or thrive well inside. Next on my list is a fiddle leaf fig, and some kind of hanging plant for my porch! <3 (Note: I also have a little succulent pot. I missed it during the pic snapping process…:) Another time….cause those succulents last forever.) :)