The Charm Of Rib City And Other Holes In The Wall


One of my favorite things to do these days is to grab Petunia the Pentax and find little treasures to capture on film. Usually this means that I’ve got some frames left on a roll from a session or wedding and need to get through them so I can send out the rolls. On this particular fun trip, I knew I wanted to take some shots of Rib City, which is an old train station turned BBQ joint in Grant, FL. Folks around here still call it the Old Grant Station. When you drive past, you can’t help but notice the old European style building with its textured walls and stone foundation.  

It is not even a few yards away from the train tracks which is so neat! They also built a barn next to it that they cater and host weddings in, and I love how it perpetually smells like BBQ in that rich, dark barn. If the barn was a bbq flavor it would be a southern smoky whiskey molasses. Lol!  

To add to the wedding venue vibe, they’ve got a few other little details there that make it much cuter. There’s the vintage bbq truck, a tractor, old train car (that’s where they cook!), and a cute VW van that hopped right out of the 70’s!  

Once I had my fill of Rib City/Grant Station, I trekked to a few more spots and just mingled, looking to photograph things that stood out to me, or things I liked. I took my time, breathed, and clicked the shutter on something that my eye was drawn to first. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and heard the gentle wind in the palms, the lapping water on the land, the smell of a river that’s seen better days, and felt the blazing sun warm up a relatively cool morning. On the way back from all the little locations in Grant, I drove slowly to choose little beauties that would be my last few shots. I love flowers so of course it would be early spring blooms.:)