Why Vendor Consultations Are Your Best Friend

Hi, Kindreds!

I’m popping at you with a helpful post that may just change the way you hire your wedding vendors! Today, we’re talking about consultations. I require a consultation with all wedding inquiries before confirming a booking. These consultations are at no obligation, so you are not required to book with me during or after the meeting. As a matter of fact, these consultations are for both of us to decide if we want to move forward with booking! So why meet up instead of just sending prices? Here’s a few reasons why consultations help us make a wise decision.

  1. You are more than just money. I personally like to put a face to a name and let you know you are valued. Here at KTP, we never want you to feel as though we are the “vending machine” and you just slip your coins in and go! I hope to be a friend and helper during your wedding planning process as well as during your wedding day.

  2. I am more than just another vendor. I want to work with folks who are creative, fun-loving, sentimental, and compassionate. When we work together, we will have a mutual agreement that you’ve worked hard on your wedding day to make it memorable, and I am the one who will freeze it in time for you to look back on. I’ve worked tirelessly to create an incredible client experience that counts on us having good communication, so I will be right next to you on your day, not in the background ready to be summoned.

  3. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. When we start a conversation in person, we are more likely to act on the impulse of a question instead of putting it off until later. When we have the opportunity, we take it! Sometimes those questions that get put off until later are very important!

  4. Meeting in person will help you and your vendor make a more solid decision. I can’t place enough value on this one. This is the main reason we meet in person. Things can get lost in text. Or sometimes you just aren’t sure who you want because no one particularly stands out. Meeting in person can be the make-or-break of a booking. Let’s say the person offers a really neat collection of offerings, but is grumpy and a bit mean. Then you meet with a person who has some growing to do still but is enthusiastic, ready to work, and excited to meet you. Which one are you going to choose? Likely the second vendor. We want someone who is professional, excited, enthusiastic, and hard-working. If we give each other an hour or so of our time, it will be the best decision making hour you’ll have. Trust me.

  5. Meeting in person will help me decide if we are a good fit. Like #1 and #2, I care more about money and portfolio building. I care about brides. I care about you. And in order for me to do my job well, we need to establish a face-to-face connection. By seeing each other, asking questions, and hearing the way you talk about your wedding, it will help me decide if our visions align and if the respect is mutual. Photographers can be treated badly sometimes, and I aim to not be one of those photographers. I don't care how much you’re willing to pay, if I get the idea that I won’t be valued and my services belittled, I will not accept the wedding. I like to set myself and brides up for the most success possible. And this is established by seeing if our personalities fit at a consultation.

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