It Feels So Weird...

Hi, friends! It's been a little less busy over here online for the past few weeks, but it has been more than busy on the calendar! There have been exciting things happening behind the scenes! Let me walk you through a few of those happenings! 

1. I am currently booking 2018 Weddings and Seniors. It's a grand mixture of meetings, calls, long drives, photoshoots, post-processing, wooing of my heart, loving, and squealing at the final result! If you're on this journey with me, you know I've been cranking it out lately! I shared on my Instagram Story recently that I've started tracking my miles for taxes and so far, I've earned around $350 in miles. That's WILD! :D 


Check out that BTS pose!!

Thanks for the pic, Mom. ;)


2. I didn't mention taxes in that last note for no reason, friends! (#strategy) I am SO proud and excited to announce that KTP is officially a legal and established business! *cheers*!!! So now, not only do I have to pay up (aka, taxes...) I also have a fancy certificate I get to display in my little office and  I have some amazing friends in the creative industry (VA industry to be exact) who launched immediately and haven't spent one second with the grass growing under their feet, and have an amazing turnaround since launch. It's so inspiring to someone like me who took just a short while to do it.....mainly because startup doesn't/didn't really feel like a business for me.... But I eventually was led into making some decisions that resulted in KTP being established. Maybe I'll share about that process another time. Does that make me a CEO? A Boss? The Boss Lady? I don't know, what do you think? :D


Yay! My cute little business establishment receipt I get to put on my office wall!

A flatlay was completely called for. ;)

3. Here as of late (probably since Irma...) I have recently started shooting film. Film seemed to weasel it's way into my heart and business when I realized that pretty much every film camera I've experimented with has been placed in my hands free of cost. The first little film camera I acquired at a garage sale was about a dollar. The next camera was given to me by a friend who got it themselves at an estate sale and the next one that I currently use was given to me too. Not to mention that shooting film is a complete joy and learning experience every single time. I am slowly growing more accustomed to the feel of shooting film and the confidence I get from it, and almost 75% of my upcoming clients are having their session done on film, having contacted me because they adored the look of film. As a result, I have adopted the title of a film and digital photographer!! *yahoo*!!! Have you seen my recent film sessions? They are some kind of precious love stories. :) 



Sunset Beach Anniversary

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Old Ruins Anniversary

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While this is all exciting and wonderful, it feels so weird.... I have grown up sometimes feeling like I'm walking in the shadow of everyone else's excitement. When I finally reach that point of achievement or a life milestone, it's old news. For example, the earliest I can remember feeling this way was in the first semester of Kindergarten. Everyone else was turning 6 and I was still fresh on the 5-year old boat. Later on, the pining for things that mattered to teenagers began. You know the boyfriends, the body changes, the wanting braces to come off, ect. All those teenager things that our lives depended on weren't in my path until much later in comparison to everyone else. I also graduated college a bit later than most. Then, I was never really serious with a guy until Joshua and I was 23 then. We didn't get married until 4 days before my 26th birthday. And now, normal twenty-something life events like being homeowners and parents are still a few years away yet. 

But please hear me when I say that all the things I waited for, were completely worth it. I got to have beach/summer vacation birthday parties with any friends I wanted and a curfew of whenever because hey, it was SUMMER!!! And I am really glad I didn't really have any middle school or high school boyfriends because well, let's face it, they're middle school and high school boys. *fun fact: when we were dating, Joshua and I went through a few boxes of pictures at his parent's house. We found a picture of me on a greyhound bus in 8th grade, sleeping with my chin in my chest and mouth hanging open....Joshua had taken that picture because he was a middle school boy. HAHAHAHAHA* 

Marriage, owning a home, having a family, are all things that were and will be well waited for in God's perfect timing for us. When I look back, it may have been hard to wait for those things, I look at the gifts I have now because I waited for the right ones. In the end, it's not about waiting, it's about being wise and knowing when the time is right. Sometimes that doesn't include waiting. 

So I want to encourage you and say.....

If where you are isn't what's best for you, should go find what God says is. That thing you've always wanted to do? Maybe now is the time to do it. Are you fulfilled and convicted that you are right where you need to be? Then that's right where you need to be, my friend. 

Dream on.