Little Country Wedding | Preview

I photographed the sweetest little country wedding this weekend! This is just a glimpse of how cute and southern it was! I was enough to make me want to thicken my drawl, get a little dirt on my boots, muddy up my hemline and guzzle some SERIOUS sweet tea! I can’t wait to post more! Enjoy this preview!

Edit Film Scans With Me: VIDEO

Good Morning, my Kindreds! I am so glad and excited to present another Edit With Me video tutorial! I posted a few of these last year, but this year I have a content calendar for YouTube that will be so much fun! I hope that these videos will be a source of education for all you girl-bosses out there working away every day for your dream business!

Today, I’m sharing some film scans from my recent Season of Surrender personal-work session from last year and inviting you on a walkthrough as I edit a few of those images. Get a notebook and pen (or a parchment and quill, if you please) and get ready to take notes! While I am not teaching per se, i think you’ll learn a lot from this little tutorial.


Stock Shoppe + 5 FREE STOCK IMAGES

Happy Monday, friends!! I am so excited to be launching the KTP Print Shoppe! If you click the button in the footer, you can visit the Shoppe where there are already some lovely landscape images you can purchase! Very soon, more components of the Shoppe will be added on, such as the Signature Artisan Series, and the STOCK SHOPPE! EEEP! All of these offerings are just the beginning of my journey in artistry, as I pull from my artistic arsenal and offer more opportunities to attain art that is gorgeous and authentic, yet time efficient for me to produce. Here are the three main components so far!

Landscapes/Print Shoppe - Sourced from extra frames of medium format film, 35mm film, and digital sessions, these are pretty prints to add a final touch to any room in your home.

STOCK SHOPPE - Seasonal stock images for the artist who loves organic, authentic, fine quality images for their creative use.

Signature Artisan Collection - Fine art renderings of memories and moments, available to past clients and the general public. Sourced from my portfolio of film and digital work, these pieces are digitally retouched, then hand-textured and finally sealed with a modern customization of the ancient technique of encaustic preservation.

Be sure to join the email list by entering your email in the footer, but you can get a taste of the STOCK SHOPPE today by downloading 5 FREE KTP STOCK IMAGES by clicking the button below! YEEHAW! If you love LOVE them, be sure to stay tuned as the shoppes open for everyone to browse and find pretty things. Click below to get your freebies and have a FANTASTIC MONDAY!!

Lilly + Bryan | Vero Beach Engagement Session

Fuji 400h | TheFINDLab

Katie + Brandon | Married

Kaley + Rob | One Month Married

Fuji 400H | The FINDLab

Sara + Kyle | Stephen Foster State Park Engagement Session

Fuji 400h | TheFINDLab

Kaley + Rob | NSB River House Wedding

Portra 400 | TheFINDLab

Welcome To My New Website And A New Year!

HIya, friends! Happy New Year! This is a joyous time filled with new beginnings and let me tell you, this post is a jolly whopper! Today, I’m taking you along as we view my new site and talk about what’s to come this year! Let’s go!

I am no designer, but I’m proud to welcome you to the refreshed KTP website! My journey up to this point has been one of discovery and finding a meeting place between who I am and communicating it well in the artistry/photography industry. There are a few main aesthetic features I wanted to incorporate from day 1 but didn’t really know how. I discovered that some of those features I wanted were only available through coding and the rest were via the use of my site provider. Let’s talk about those aspects.

my goal

to invite you into my world and express hospitality through artistry

  1. An immersive background. I knew I wanted my site to be a world of its own. And one of the biggest parts of the site is its background and canvas. I pulled images from my recent shoot Season of Surrender because it was shot at my family home where I lived for around 8 or 9 years. I’ve always loved that piece of land and have great plans for it. The oak tree could quite possibly be around 100 years old or older, so there’s this feeling of closeness to something bigger than myself. I love it so.

  2. Framed artistry. Following the thread of home and hospitality, I chose to frame every image on my site to give the illusion that you’re viewing the gallery walls in my home or visiting a luxurious gallerie in Paris! (LOL, it’s equal parts common and whimsy!) We frame all our most precious moments to give them emphasis and to attract attention.

  3. Old World Serifs. Not to get too fancy here, but the fonts and serifs were important to me. Quite simply, I have a deep appreciation and love for history. I believe it is imperative to remember where we have come from as humans as well as the lessons we’ve learned along the way. I used to LOVE the American Girl series when I was a girl (well, heck, I still do….I read through their Christmas Collection not two weeks ago…..). These fonts speak not just of history but of the feelings that prevailed long ago. Visions of perseverance, simplicity, and purpose. I am a simple person with no large demands of life upon which my happiness depends. I so resonate with the 16th and 17th century, along with many inventors, artists, scientists, literary giants, and politicians of the time. What is the saying, “I was born in the wrong era?” While that may not necessarily be true, I believe that I was born for such a time as this, so that I could recognize so many of the glories of the Old World while boldly living in the New.

  4. Copy. So, not to get too technical, but website copy is something I had no idea was a thing until recently. I discovered Ashlyn Carter who is a conversion copywriter and I learned SO much! In short, copy is the words you use on your website to convey the same brand message as your imagery. If you visit a lot of websites and pay attention to the words, you’ll notice patterns throughout the site. Some sites use plain speak, others use formal speech, you’ll find colorful copy, plain copy, copy with regional speech flares (like, “hey, y’all!”, or copy that conveys a high end service. I knew I wanted my copy to be organic, personal, and warm. So spotted thorough the site, you’ll spot some lingo that sounds like you just hopped off the wagon at the farm! :)

  5. Logo and color scheme. My logo hasn’t changed much but that pretty much speaks for itself, and my brand colors scream my love for organic, chill tones. Specifically, what would color would be created if the sky, the grass, a mountain, a desert, the ocean, and a the moors of Ireland all crashed together in one big, beautiful schmushyflushycolor? This was the color I saw. It speaks of my love for outdoors, the earth, cold, warmth, breezes, days and nights. I also tend to gravitate towards cool palettes with bursts of warmth, rather than warm palettes with bursts of coolness. This was perfect. Also, I’m a pretty chill gal so I thought this grey supplement color was just enough chill without being boring. :)

So there you have it! As of now, those are elements that were important for me to convey in this little corner of the internet. I hope you feel the warmth of home each time you visit this site. On to goals for the new year! Now, this post will be strictly business goals, but coming soon is a post with a list of personal goals I’m crushing with Lara Casey’s Powersheets! Whoop! These goals speak for themselves….:)

Coming in 2019:

  1. An emphasis on weddings and seniors.

  2. Workshops!!! (yipeee!!)

  3. Education for both photographers and clients.

  4. Community building in KTP. (A separate blog post coming soon!)

  5. The Kindred Shoppe. (COMING SOON!!)

Ok, so that’s a plateful of stuff manifesting itself in my calendar but the good news is, you’ll be able to totally find info on a few of those things here on the site! If you don’t want to miss a single thing rolling out this quarter, be sure to post me your email address down in the footer and you’ll be included in all the exciting things!

For now, that’s all folks! I’m so excited to share all of my upcoming things with you but I have to be patient and not share it all at once. Slow cooking over here is the way to go!

Don’t forget to share your email below! Tootles!!

Post Thanksgiving Update

Hi, Kindreds!  

Gosh, it feels so good to be home. Joshua and I returned home last night after our four-day Thanksgiving holiday. We shuffled all our things from our overstuffed car to our home and bustled around, getting settled in. We emptied our bags, put our things away, found new homes for our Black Friday finds. I tucked my things away in my office and let them be, then I slipped into something comfy. I diffused cinnamon and Lemon Vitality to freshen and liven the place back up, and did one good wipe-down of all the counters. Having fresh wiped counters is therapeutic for me. Even if they don’t really need wiping, I wipe them anyway sometimes.

Today, I hit the ground running with my coffee, rhythmically switching between uploading and editing, and tackling this huge mountain of laundry. The dishwasher is going from lunch (I stuffed way too many dishes in there......) and I’ve sat down to catch my breath. Now I’ll make my errand list for this afternoon while more photos are uploading and backing up on my drive. (I worked over the holiday, so there’s SO MANY photos to process!)  

Hmmm, deposit check, drop by Walgreens, grab more laundry detergent because we’re out, and be sure to grab some ice cream for a friend date later this week. 

So that’s what I’m up to today and I wanted to reassure you I’m still here! I’m alive, I promise! Even if it takes a whole box of Folgers 1850 K-Cups and a bottle of B12 vitamins, I’m gojng to reach the finish line!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻  

Keep a vigilant eye open for the next few weeks as I get caught up on blogging and getting ready for the last stretch of the year! 

What are you up to?  

Have a great day! Dilly dilly! 

The Fox Family | Sorrento - Sanford Photographer

Come See Me At The White Magnolia!

HI, friends! I am so thrilled to share that I will be a featured vendor at the White Magnolia’s monthly event, “Sip and See”! The White Magnolia is a premier, award-winning bridal shop that is poised to meet your most southern and chic wedding dreams!

The shop manager, Mabry and I got connected on Instagram and it was so neat talking to her again because we had a few college classes together! I was beyond excited when she messaged me!


The White Magnolia is a by-appointment only shop but the open their doors once a month for Sip and See, so mark your calendars to come sip on some sparkle, see some wedding dresses and meet some vendors! Will I see you there?!

  • Show Date: November 13

  • Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM

  • Location: The White Magnolia - 1716 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32207